A Rich Heritage

A golden past with modern day examples that touch our lives daily, an acknowledgement to those who have contributed to the betterment of humanity throughout the ages, and an overall celebration of Islamic history summarizes Islamic History Month Canada [IHMC].

Celebrations take place across Canada in October. Cities such as Kingston and Burnaby have annually proclaimed IHMC since the inauguration. The recognition of Islamic History Month is an exciting part of Canadian-Muslim history although the honour is not limited to IHMC only. For example, Burnaby’s City Council has proclaimed Black History Month, European Heritage Month, Diwali Month, and Barbados Heritage among other proclamations that have been issued to celebrate the diverse fabric of Canadians.

Bridge-building with understanding is one of the goals of IHMC. More importantly at a time when Muslim are being perceived as the ‘other’, it’s a time dedicated to showcasing Muslims’ contributions to humanity many may not be aware of. Previous IHMC themes have been Islamic Art and Architecture; Islamic Banking and Finance; Irrigation and Water systems; Medicine and Pharmacology; and Islam and the Environment. Islamic History Month Canada provides a time to focus on celebrating and educating the Muslim and non-Muslim community on the rich history, heritage and culture of Canadian Muslims and Muslims around the world.

Learn, Share, & Celebrate

Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC) in October aims to celebrate, inform, educate, and share with fellow Canadians the rich Muslim heritage and contributions to society: Contributions in sciences, humanities, medicine, astronomy, and other disciplines that have greatly benefited human progress. IHMC believes that through education and sharing positive stories, all Canadians can grow and connect in the best way possible.

In 2007, IHMC was graciously proclaimed by the honourable and departed, Mauril Belanger, MP, for Ottawa-Vanier.  IHMC has been proclaimed in the cities of Kingston, Burnaby, and most recently in the province of Manitoba.

In 2013, IHMC became an independent body with a new Chair. The Board members are currently from Saskatoon, Regina, London, Ottawa, and Winnipeg.

Every individual effort is essential! IHMC can be successful only through the efforts of communities across Canada — Let us learn, share, and celebrate Islamic History Month in October this year!

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Statements from Notable Muslim Canadians for Islamic History Month

Faisal Kutty – Lawyer, Law Professor, Writer and Public Speaker

It is no secret that Canada as we know it today is only possible because of the contributions of all the great people that make up this wonderful nation.  First and foremost we must recognize and honour the sacrifices and generosity of our First Nations people and then the contributions of the rest of our communities.  Islamic History Month presents an opportunity to recognize and reinforce the important role of Muslim Canadians in the past, present and in shaping the future.   


Thank you Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC) for your ongoing efforts to keep Islamic History Month continuing for almost 10 years.  We must also be grateful to the Federal government for declaring the first Islamic History Month on October 25, 2007.  Since then IMHC has been instrumental in sharing the rich Muslim heritage and collaborating with diverse communities across Canada.

I urge all Canadians to take advantage of Canadian Islamic History Month to learn more about Muslims and to continue sharing information about our respective contributions.  The more we know about each other the more we realize how much we have in common.

Farheen Khan

As we mark the 10th year of Islamic History Month in Canada, let me congratulate all those involved in giving Canadians an opportunity to learn about the positive contributions of Muslims to the fabric of our beloved country.


In a time where Muslims are experiencing such extreme levels of mistreatment, hatred and islamophobia around the world, I applaud Islamic History Month Canada for taking this bold and progressive step to remind Canadians and the world that Muslims are not what you see on your TV screens, but rather are our mothers and daughters, our sisters and brothers, our aunts and uncles, mothers, our nieces, nephews and our neighbours.


Each and every individual regardless of ethnic background or creed deserves to live with honour, respect and dignity. This awareness month enables us to take one step closer to our vision of a completely inclusive and just society for all.

Farheen Khan

Community Activist, Author and Director, Editor in Chief of Muslimsactually.com & Director of f Fund Development & External Affairs, International Development & Relief Foundation (IDRF)

Hind A. Al-Abadleh, Ph.D.

Congratulations to IHMC on reaching a milestone, its 10th anniversary, of shining light on Muslims contribution to human civilization.  Since its inception by visionary pioneers in the Canadian Muslim community, IHMC has been instrumental in highlighting how Islam as a religion continues to be an inspiration to many generations of Muslims of diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds to innovate in the sciences, arts, architecture, medicine, and finance to name a few.  As the Canadian Muslim community continues to grow and thrive, their positive contributions to the wider society will better Canada’s future in the face of the many environmental and political challenges facing the world today.  My heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for an eventful October 2016.


Hind A. Al-Abadleh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Wilfrid Laurier University

Taha Ghayyur

Every year in October, Canadians have an opportunity to discover and celebrate the vibrant history of Islamic contributions to civilization. Given the current global climate defined by Islamphobia, war, and terrorism, the Islamic History Month Canada allows Canadians to see and appreciate the positive and beautiful side of Islamic history and heritage. It also helps Canadian Muslims rediscover and showcase their tradition of diversity, peaceful existence, community building, philanthropy, innovation, and service to society. The Islamic History Month Canada is also a time to remember the inspirational stories of Canadian Muslim pioneers, who laid the foundations of first cultural and religious institutions, as they helped build an inclusive and multicultural Canada.


I truly believe in the potential of Islamic History Month Canada in bringing Canadian Muslims and their fellow Canadians together in celebrating the beauty of Islamic culture and heritage through awareness and engagement.
Taha Ghayyur – Director of Communications, Sound Vision; Board Member, DawaNet & MuslimFest